Favorite Dinosaur
Favorite Dinosaur - Ny --- On April 17, 2012, My personal favorite Dinosaur announced a bold new campaign called “Dino 2012”. The campaign was initially unveiled at a board meeting by eccentric T-Shirt millionaire and MFD founder, James Erickson. Word with the campaign was was leaked to the Associated Press later appropriate and referred to as “the most important philanthropic campaign in our lifetime”, by one MFD executive who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Favorite Dinosaur - On April 18, the campaign was announced to the broader public at the gates with the iconic founder's compound outside Santa Barbara, California, where a sizable band of journalists and devoted customers had gathered the night before. In his statement, Mr. Erickson explained that through the Dino 2012 campaign 100% of MFD profits made between April 20, 2012 and May 1, 2012 will be donated to Invisible Children, Mercy Corps and Conciliation Resources, three non-profits operating in LRA-affected areas in East and Central Africa.

An accompanying Dino 2012 video was launched soon after the general public announcement. The video has already stirred up some controversy using its highly emotional message and damning indictment of the status quo. Despite the controversy all around the campaign, experts believe the Dino 2012 campaign could raise around $300 to $350 billion for that troubled region.


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